Mero Internship is Nepal Number 1 Internship Platform. It Provides an Internship in Nepal. We provide different paid and unpaid Internship Opportunities In Nepal like Internships in IT, Engineering, MBA, media, law, arts, banking, hotel management, and other streams. It is a platform where you can find the best company for your upcoming professional career. It helps in achieving academic criteria but also aids in the exploration of oneself and the skills required to grab real job opportunities. 

Internship In Nepal

Internship In Nepal

Freshers of BBA, MBA, and other various programs regarding Finance and Management faculties are required to enroll in internships in different financial institutions like banks, finance companies, audit companies, etc. They are welcomed to different institutions for the fulfillment of their academic credentials and learning skills as well.

The rapid development of E-commerce and IT in Nepal has led to more opportunities in IT-related jobs and internships in Nepal. IT internships in Nepal have lessened the bridge gap between IT graduates and their dream jobs in reputed organizations. And many companies are hiring IT, students, for several national and international level projects.

Engineering internships are available throughout the globe to undergraduate and graduate/PhD students, with rolling application dates (depending on location).interns have a broad set of technical skills, enabling them to tackle some of technology’s greatest challenges.

Due to the immense growth, the hospitality and tourism industry has witnessed in recent years, with tourism numbers soaring higher and new hospitality establishments (such as hotels) opening their doors all over the world, jobs in this sector have become more diverse, and employment opportunities are on the increase.

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Internship programs are not specified in a single field or area. There are several types of internships like Apprenticeship, Co-Op Education, Externship, Practicum, Stipend internships, etc. It depends on the type of organization and its bylaws. Similarly, there are several Engineering Institutions, Consultancy services, hospitals, service-oriented organizations which conduct internship programs every year. One has to choose his/her area of interest to choose the program.

Mero Internship was founded by Royesh Thapa in Hetauda. This Platform promises to guarantee an Internship to all Students in their interesting career field.