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Internship at ThemeGrill for 4 different Position

Huge opportunities for Internship at ThemeGrill. ThemeGrill has opened Internship on 4 different Position and looking for 28 new inters to join them.

ThemeGrill Internship Program is a dedicated project for the fresh graduates or students currently studying in eight semester and having a strong will to learn. The main goal of this project is to provide learning
environment with a well-planned intern program in various fields like design, development, and content writing.

Internship at ThemeGrill program duration is for 3 months. However, there will be a revaluation after the end of the 2nd month. Deserving and hard-working candidates might get a job placement before the end of the internship program. The program will continue as per schedule for the rest of the interns. 

About Internship at ThemeGrill

Position : UI/UX Designer – 6
Theme Developer – 6
Plugin Developer – 6
Content Writer – 10
Location : Basundhara 3, Kathmandu, Nepal
Internship Duration : 3 month
Internship Type : Paid Internship
Deadline :6th May,2022
Apply on :

For UI/UX Internship


  • Recently graduated or currently studying a Bachelor or Master Degree in any IT related field 
  • Basic of Design Tools – Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 
  • Basic knowledge of Color Theory, Typography, Contrast, Grid Layout, etc. 
  • Basics of HTML/CSS 
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress 
  • Aptitude to learn 
  • Personal laptop: You must bring your own laptop to work 

Apply for UI/UX internship at ThemeGrill at :

For Theme Developer Internship

Job Specifications

  • Passion for programming and learning new things 
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS and can design websites with them 
  • JavaScript basics and ES6 concepts 
  • Practical understanding of PHP and OOP concepts 
  • Practical understanding of Git 
  • Knowledge of WordPress, theme/plugin would be plus

Qualifications Required 

  • Degrees equivalent to Bachelor in Computer Engineering / Information Technology.
  • (Note: If you are in the last semester and can work full time 9-6, then you can also apply) 

Job Description

  • Learn and explore WordPress world 
  • Attend training sessions, follow onboarding guidelines 
  • Work on fixes, improvements and adding new features to existing projects 
  • Develop new WordPress themes/plugins from scratch 
  • Work on renowned project like: ColorMag, Spacious, Flash, Zakra, ThemeGrill Demo Importer 
  • New exciting projects like: BlockArt, WooCommerce Themes  
  • Collaborate with Designers, Support, Marketing Teams to ensure growth of products 

Apply for Theme Developer internship at ThemeGrill at :

For Plugin Developer Internship

Job Specifications 

  • Fresh graduates or students of 8 semester (If you are confident enough that you can manage full time 9AM-6PM from Monday to Friday) 
  • Individual with technical knowledge and strong passion without any degree are also eligible to apply 
  • Love to code more than anything else and are eager to learn new technologies and terms on daily basis 
  • Good at communication, a team player with a bit of leadership skill (Time and experience will upgrade you to a new version) 
  • Fast learner and a good mentor who loves to share new information with his colleagues 
  • Willing to commit for at least 2 years 

Job Description

  • Basics of PHP or any programming language i.e. Variables, Loops, Arrays, Sessions, etc. 
  • Knowledge on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts likes Access Modifiers, Namespaces, Abstraction, Inheritance, etc. 
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS concepts like: type of CSS Selectors, Specificity, Box Model, Flex & Grid, Media Queries 
  • Knowledge of js concepts like Events, Scope, Ajax, Promises & DOM manipulation 
  • Basics of version control system like GIT 

Bonus Points: 

  • Have done some practice projects and uploaded on git (Team or college projects are not considered) 
  • Experience with WordPress dashboard, plugins and themes 
  • Knowledge on React concepts like States, Hooks, Es6 concepts, etc. 
  • Can debug code and have basic knowledge about debugging processes

Apply for Plugin Developer internship at ThemeGrill at :

For Content Writer Internship


  • Experience or knowledge of content writing/SEO copywriting 
  • Strong communication and presentation skills  
  • Self-motivated and results-oriented  
  • Ability to interact with cross-functional teams  
  • Strong problem-solving abilities  
  • Ability to work in teams  
  • Ability to work unsupervised for extended periods of time  
  • Bachelors running (8th Semester) can apply  
  • Aptitude to learn  

Apply for Content Writer internship at ThemeGrill at :

internship at themegrill

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