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Logistics/Communications Internship in Nepal.

Seedlings Nepal is offering Logistics/Communications internship opportunity .

seedling Nepal Internship in nepal

Seedlings Nepal, an organization founded by a group of like-minded individuals meets the needs of students by equipping them with an opportunity to develop and enhance a constructive mindset. Watching the seedling of a flower bloom is comparable to observing a person develop into a strong-willed individual. Seedlings Nepal provides the best possible holistic exposure and nurturing to ensure that the potential of youths is fully maximized. 

Logistics/Communications Internship in Nepal Job description

  • Handling our social media accounts (Regularly uploading our posts, replying to messages, and maintaining active
  • engagement)
  • Send regular emails to the participants
  • Host zoom meetings and webinars
  • Magage registration process

Work duration: Mid September- Mid November
Expected work hours : 2 hrs / day
Type : Unpaid

Number of vacancy : 2-3

Send your CV at : seedlingnp@gmail.com

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