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CyberSecurity|Penetration Tester Internship

Do you want to start your career with an internship and do some meaningful work in the subject of cybersecurity? Then this may be the internship for you. Caim Technologies has opened Penetration Tester internship opportunities to join their team . They are looking for 2 interns with Paid Internship .

About Caim Technologies

They are a small team providing offensive security testing services and building tools to power them helping small businesses and large corporations maintain Confidentiality, Integrity And Availability of their data and resources. Their mission is to make cybersecurity accessible to every businesses in the nation. They also provide their services free of cost service for non profit organizations.

Caim technologies

About Penetration Tester Internship

Position : Penetration Tester
Internship Type : Paid Internship
Number of Vacancy : 2
Deadline : Jan 10th,2022
Location : Baneshwor Height, Kathmandu, Nepal


1) Passion/Interest in doing some impactful work in the field of cybersecurity (Offense)

2) Strong verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills.

3) Willingness/determined to learn new technologies.

4) Bachelor degree (not required).

5) Base knowledge of Networking concepts, Programming, Burp Suite, etc

6) Some familiarity with Mobile and Web application development.

To apply for this internship Submit CV on :

Penetration tester Internship

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