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3 New Programming Internships

Novelty Technology LLC is a US-based software company has offered different programming internships to join them. They are looking for 2 front end developer,1 backend developer and 1 QA interns .

Internship will be Paid and can be Full timer after the completion of Internship

About Novelty Technology

Novelty Technology LLC is a US-based software company that provides end-to-end solutions from concept and strategy, to design and implementation, to hosting and support. We provide a strategic partnership with leading healthcare providers in the states. Our key to success has always been our employees and we believe in growing together as a team with a common vision and goals.

novelty technology

About All Programming Internships

  • Position :
    • Full-stack Internship [2]
    • Backend Internship [1]
    • QA internship [1]
  • Internship Type : Paid Internship
  • Location : New Baneshwor,kathmandu
  • Deadline : 27th May,2022
  • Apply on : https://forms.gle/CQgHvg97LTsdwrbN8

Job Description and Requirements for Full Stack Internship

  1. Helping with the design and development of software
  2. Testing and debugging software to keep it optimized
  3. Writing clean code for the front and back end of the software
  4. Designing user interactions on the web application itself
  5. Creating servers and databases for the back end of the software
  6. Ensuring cross-platform compatibility and optimization
  7. Testing and maintaining the responsive design of applications
  8. Working with graphic designers to design new features
  9. Developing APIs and RESTful services
  10. Keeping up with technological advances to optimize their software
  11. Communicating the effectiveness of emerging technologies to decision-makers
  12. Good understanding of javascript framework Angular, React
  13. Good knowledge of Nodejs – Express framework
  14. Knowledge of fundamental front-end languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  15. Familiarity with database technologies such as MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB
  16. Basic knowledge of Algorithms and Data Structures
  17. Organizational skills and experience in project management
  18. Familiar with source control / Git
  19. Knowledge of REST API design and development concepts
  20. Someone who is enthusiastic and eager to learn 
  21. Very good command of English and excellent communication skills

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Job Description and Requirements for Backend Internship

  1. Knowledge of REST API, web services, and microservices.
  2. Knowledge of object-oriented programming
  3. MEAN stack experience is preferable. 
  4. Good understanding of the Agile development environment.
  5. Must be able to design database schema in RDBMS and NoSQL databases.
  6. Write unit tests using Mocha and Chai.
  7. Should have good problem-solving skills and analytical skills.
  8. Excellent in oral and written communication.
  9. Time management and good work ethics.

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Responsibilities for QA Internships

  1. Create well-structured test plans and test cases
  2. Estimate, prioritize, plan and coordinate testing activities
  3. Identify, record, document thoroughly, and track bugs
  4. Perform thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved
  5. Develop and apply testing processes for new and existing products to meet the client needs
  6. Liaise with internal teams (e.g. developers and product managers) to identify system requirements
  7. Stay up-to-date with recent testing tools and test strategies

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